Introduction to Power BI (Updated 2023)

An introduction to the Power BI platform updated with 2023 changes to help users better understand architecture, key concepts and the general workflow for building reports.

ETL Tool Evaluation: Paid Media

Let’s look at different ETL tool options for some common paid media data sources. In our evaluation we shall compare coverage, pricing, and sync frequency.

Business Intelligence (BI) Tools: Selection Critera

Finding the right Business Intelligence (BI) Tool that will serve your organization’s needs can be challenging. There are a lot of options on the market with varying capabilities and features. Let us look at some key factors one needs to take into consideration when selecting a BI tool.

Upgrading to DBT 1.0: Helpful Tips

With DBT Cloud deprecating support for jobs running on versions earlier than 1.0, all DBT Cloud projects need to be upgraded from 0.x DBT versions by July 1st, 2022. DBT has published a guideline to assist with upgrades to 1.0. Here are some additional tips to help with your migration:  On your local dev environment,  […]

S3 to Snowflake: Parallel Processing Using Task Trees

Snowflake makes it easy to copy data from an S3 bucket (JSON, CSV, parquet) into a Snowflake table either using its bulk load option or Snowpipe, for continuous loading. In this blog we will discuss ingestion using the bulk load option and more importantly how to implement parallel processing using Snowflake’s task trees. COPY INTO: Snowflake Bulk […]

The Modern Data Stack: An Introduction

The modern data stack consists of a collection of tools that ingest, store, transform, and visualize you data.  The primary components include: A data warehouse, the central store for your data (Snowflake, Big Query) ETL/ELT tools that ingest data into the data warehouse (Fivetran, Stitch) Data transformation tools for cleaning and transforming your data (DBT) […]